We provide scipts for multi-modality/single-modality and indoor/outdoor 3D detection demos. The pre-trained models can be downloaded from model zoo. We provide pre-processed sample data from KITTI and SUN RGB-D dataset. You can use any other data following our pre-processing steps.


Single-modality demo

To test a 3D detector on point cloud data, simply run:

python demo/ ${PCD_FILE} ${CONFIG_FILE} ${CHECKPOINT_FILE} [--device ${GPU_ID}] [--score-thr ${SCORE_THR}] [--out-dir ${OUT_DIR}]

The visualization results including a point cloud and predicted 3D bounding boxes will be saved in demo/PCD_NAME, which you can open using MeshLab.

Example on KITTI data using SECOND model:

python demo/ demo/data/kitti/kitti_000008.bin configs/second/ checkpoints/hv_second_secfpn_6x8_80e_kitti-3d-car_20200620_230238-393f000c.pth

Example on SUN RGB-D data using VoteNet model:

python demo/ demo/data/sunrgbd/sunrgbd_000017.bin configs/votenet/ checkpoints/votenet_16x8_sunrgbd-3d-10class_20200620_230238-4483c0c0.pth

Remember to convert the VoteNet checkpoint if you are using mmdetection3d version >= 0.6.0. See its README for detailed instructions on how to convert the checkpoint.

Multi-modality demo

To test a 3D detector on multi-modality data (typically point cloud and image), simply run:

python demo/ ${PCD_FILE} ${IMAGE_FILE} ${ANNOTATION_FILE} ${CONFIG_FILE} ${CHECKPOINT_FILE} [--device ${GPU_ID}] [--score-thr ${SCORE_THR}] [--out-dir ${OUT_DIR}]

where the ANNOTATION_FILE should provide the 3D to 2D projection matrix. The visualization results including a point cloud, an image, predicted 3D bounding boxes and their projection on the image will be saved in demo/PCD_NAME.

Example on KITTI data using MVX-Net model:

python demo/ demo/data/kitti/kitti_000008.bin demo/data/kitti/kitti_000008.png demo/data/kitti/kitti_000008_infos.pkl configs/mvxnet/ checkpoints/dv_mvx-fpn_second_secfpn_adamw_2x8_80e_kitti-3d-3class_20200621_003904-10140f2d.pth

Example on SUN RGB-D data using ImVoteNet model:

python demo/ demo/data/sunrgbd/sunrgbd_000017.bin demo/data/sunrgbd/sunrgbd_000017.jpg demo/data/sunrgbd/sunrgbd_000017_infos.pkl configs/imvotenet/ checkpoints/imvotenet_stage2_16x8_sunrgbd-3d-10class_20210323_184021-d44dcb66.pth